Sonntag, 28. Dezember 2008

Graduation 18.12.2008

Finally managed to load up my graduation pics! :) This was such an unforgettable day! Love ya, Nandi, Jeannie and Zhi ;)

preparations ;)

my prof Anatoly


Samstag, 13. Dezember 2008

Canberra 10.+11. Dez

So we drove on to Canberra but had to stop frequently to take a picture of the gorgeous views.

Braidwood is a small historical town.

Don't know the name of this river, but it is just beautiful!

I actually should have started a collection of letter boxes in Oz :)

Since my battery was flat, Silke took most of the pictures in Canberra. Until I have them, I can just provide the few ones I took... :)
These are the Old Parliament House Rose Gardens

View from the Parliament House to the Old Parliament House and the War Memorial. We did a tour in the Parliament House which revealed the ideas that flew in its construction. For instance, the colors and timbers used, represent the Australian Continent, its forrests, desert and island-character.

This flag is about 40kg heavy and they change it monthly, so that the colors are always fresh and beautiful!

Australian War Memorial

View from the memorial to the Parliament House

An impressive story about a brave man in the war.

Jervis Bay to Clyde River 9.+10. Dez.

We continued on the Jervis Bay where we found this very beautiful beach (Summercloud beach, if I remember right).

This is a very nice picture but the beach itself was just - well - ordinary :) And a bit smelly because of the algae...

the famous 'hole in the wall'. Silke made it up to there while I was eeling in the sun but she wasn't very impressed. Guess we are a bit ambitious regarding the beauty of a beach after seing quite a few nice ones...

Cave beach...

On the 10th we started the day very early because we didn't wanna come in the heat. We walked up the Pigeon House Mountain which sometimes can better be described as 'climb' due to the huge steps on the way and ladders on the top. But the weather anyways ment it a bit too good with us because it was cool. And foggy. Usually, so they told us, the view from the Mountain is gorgeous. But the fog was a nice experience as well. However, we didn't make it to the very top because the ladders were quite slippery. But I believe we were nearly there!! Also saw the back of a Kangaroo and heared 2 more hopping through the thick forest.

One could guess that the view is pretty nice when it is possible to see further. And this is only from about 1/3 up.

Back to the coast, we headed towards Bawley Point.

We thought about staying at the camping site in Nelligen but after a bit of fun on this Jumping Pillow we continued heading towards Canberra.

But first, we had a look at Clyde River.